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We take the stress, hard work, and fear out of public speaking


To be a great leader, you need to inspire people

About us

Cari Craden & Aviva Brooks 

Americans, 30 years in France, 15 years of coaching in French and English

Our backgrounds are in psychology, business, film & media

We offer FACE TO FACE  or VIRTUAL workshops, individual coaching, and masterclasses on :

Presentations  Pitch prep 
Cultural Differences   Slide Deck Creation

 Keynote prep   Media Training

Personal Pitch    Individual Coaching   


Whether you're giving a speech in French but want that "Anglo" touch, or want to perfect your delivery in English, our multicultural experience helps you get it just right 

Cari Craden 


 Aviva Brooks 


Our Offers


"Boost your virtual presence" module included in every offer

One & Two day
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Aviva & Cari ont été d'un grand professionalisme, leurs exercices et leurs conseils m'ont permis de faire un grand pas dans la prise de parole. Bravo les filles ! et merci !

Absolument géniales ! Elles captivent, elles sont bienveillantes, patientes, de bon conseil. Mon seul regret est le confinement. Déjà que leurs cours à distance était super, je n'imagine pas en vrai ! 

I had the pleasure to meet Aviva during a professional training session for speaking in public. Aviva was full of energy and adapted her examples and remarks to each of the participants. All the participants in the training had different backgrounds, but Aviva managed to relate to each one of us and made everyone feel included and gave customized answers to their type of positions. Thanks again for this enriching day both on human and professional levels.



Hi Cari, I was just telling my boss how impressed I was by the training on Friday and the feedback I've had has been very positive. He would like to organize a session for the sales management team.



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Public Speaking Coaching & Workshops

Cari Craden & Aviva Brooks 

Cari: +33 6 82 14 17 36

Aviva: +33 6 30 58 97 00

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